Ameri-metro Set To Boost Nigeria Rail System

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Ameri-metro a United States based company, founded by Shah Mathias, is ready and focused for Nigeria High-Rail Speed Development, advantageous for passengers and freight transportation, billed for a takeoff from Lagos to Calabar and Port-Harcourt, among other cities.

After his courtesy visit to the Minister of Transportation,  Mathias expressed his company’s readiness to invest 100% on the project estimated at the cost of Ten Billion US Dollar ($10 Billion) useful to build new Rail, Track and Locomotives.

After his courtesy interaction with the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi in his Office, the founder posited on his company’s willingness and readiness, considering their various rail projects in the United States of America and their commitment to invest this resources, ability and capacity to handle the Nigeria Speed Rail Project for a sustainable modern rail transportation, system taking advantage of their experience in coastal transportation, track records and financial muscles of the investment, cause and costs, all to be funded by the American based company.

The cost is also projected to build and to bring enough modern locomotives, considered to take advantage of Nigerian transport problems full of risk, agony, unnecessary delays and frustration of robberies, accidents and high flight costs at the airport.

Robert Todd Reynold, CRO Director, jointly agreed with the founder, that as soon as the approval is given to their successful presentation, they are fully ready to start their goal of manifestation immediately.

This unique transportation system to be funded is to capitalize on the fast growing Nigerian population, economic potentials and resources, will seek inflow of prosperity, cost saving, fast movement of passengers and goods is a takes over from Chinese company that lacked the resources, capacity and ability to raise the capital for the funding of this viable project.

When finally approved, the Speed Rail Project which is a new movement is sealed to change our movement, create wealth, reduce over usage of our roads from wear and tears and its associated high risks on our highways.

It is also a total departure from the Nigerian normal-slow-rail-movement. It will also prevent the unnecessary cost of buying cars for these kinds of movements, thereby saving money.

The Rail is also of advantage for the high class, the middle and the low class arising from the high flight rate and airport charges, as the rail will be moved or focused to the airports.