Donald Trump Formally Get Republican Presidential Nomination, Begins Race Against Clinton

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Delegates have formally nominated Donald J. Trump for president at the Republican National Convention. Speakers, including the Republican leaders of the Congress, at the event took turns to endorse his candidature.

Mr. Trump, the New York real estate mogul and reality TV star, formally took control of the Republican Party on Tuesday as delegates to the convention officially chose him as their nominee, ending a tumultuous, year-long political crusade.

The establishment has finally installed Mr. Trump even though they didn’t want him and fought against him. However, in the early minutes of Tuesday evening, the senior leadership executed a final quashing of the lingering anti-Trump efforts on the convention floor when they presided over Mr. Trump’s installation as the duly chosen Republican Party presidential nominee.

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in his speech, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, a former federal prosecutor, laid out a case against Hillary Clinton as though he were in a courtroom.

For Paul D. Ryan, the House speaker who didn’t want Mr. Trump presidency, his classic speech was a reminder of how unconventional Mr. Trump is, which was the quality that got him this far.

However, he had later endorsed him.

Republican Party, a party learning to acclimate itself to Donald J. Trump, will now work ensure their candidate wins the presidential election against Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States in the November 2016 election.

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