Kaduna Central: Uba Sani Standing Alone

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By Maimuna Tahir

If anything, the long-awaited unceremonious exit of Senator Shehu Sani from the All Progressives Congress and the mainstream politics of Kaduna has confirmed the general expectation that Uba Sani, Governor Elrufai’s Political Adviser, would get an easy sail to the Nigerian Senate next year.


Shehu Sani, now permanently confined to the backwaters of Nigerian politics, no longer poses any form of threat to any aspiring politician in the state, not the least such political formation as the one commanded by Uba Sani.


Senator Shehu Sani’s somersault would for a long term serve as a mean reference point for such political actors who are chiefly concerned with political survival to the point of rarely acting on principle.

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The lesson to be learned here is for  members of political class with Shehu’s trait of having no qualms jumping from one camp to another depending on  prevailing political whims.


What made it appear as though Senator Shehu Sani was going to pose some stubborn attempt to hold unto the Senate seat he currently occupies was a sudden cooperation fraudulently forged between him and  an unsuspecting section of the APC national leadership.


But politicians quickly saw through this gimmick and started shifting alliances which forced the conduct of proper democratic processes for the nomination of party candidates through which Uba Sani emerged and Shehu crashed.

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Now operating from the fringes, it is just a matter of time before Shehu Sani’s withered political career fades and finally fizzles out.

This development has therefore set a clear coast for Uba Sani, a sleak political tactician, to sail easily to victory in the coming round of fresh general elections.

Loved and admired by people of the seven local government areas that make up his Kaduna Central constituency, Uba would only need to put in finishing touches as he is obviously standing alone in the contest.


With such an impressive profile beyond the match of any aspirant that might be tempted to dare, Uba’s ultimate endorsement by voters of the Kaduna Central zone, is therefore just a matter of time as well.

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Looking back,  Uba has a towering political profile notably being the spokesman of the Nigerian President and a figure in the struggle to enthrone, promote  and protect democratic ethics and principles.  This silent smooth  operator of politics is simply unbeatable because of his vast experience in politics, administration and business.

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