LA Campaign Organisation Blasts Elrufai for Insulting Sacked Workers

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The senatorial candidate for Kaduna Central on platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, Lawal Adamu Usman (Mr LA) has described Kaduna Governor Nasir Elrufai as insensitive for referring to the thousands of school teachers he sacked as touts and area boys.

Elrufai while justifying his government’s sack of over 25, 000 school teachers in a Federal Radio Corporation FRCN live Hausa programme on Saturday said the step became necessary because the schools were staffed by people he described as rascals, touts and irresponsible area boys.

In a swift reaction, Mr LA’s Media and Publicity Director, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman said it was the height of insensitivity for the governor to insult the teachers after rendering them jobless, homeless hopeless without paying them their entitlements.

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Suleiman noted that most of the affected teachers were people who have served their state diligently for twenty years and above but suddenly sacked by the same government they brought to power.
%at least showing remose for his indiscriminate and irrational action, the governor found it convenient to insult them in the market square.

“It is indeed clumsy, irresponsible, insensitive, unstatesmanlike and gross abuse of official privileges for a leader to resort to callous remarks against a people whose fate have been so negatively affected by the unpopular, unfocused and uninformed policies of his government.

Suleiman said these unguarded, provocative insults has further confirmed the concern that the power elrufai and the APC had was not being used to improve people’s lives despite the mountain of unrealistic campaign promises that propelled high expectations.

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“Almost four years on, what has happened to those promises and raised hopes? Poverty, homelessness and joblessness now so rife they are almost taken for granted.

“Our health service, schools and civil service are stretched to breaking point in an economy flagging and manufacturing jobs lost.

“We must renew that founding spirit, and refrsh that ambition by taking away that power and placing it where it can mean real change.

“2015 to 2018 as most chaotic and divisive years in the history of Nigeria and in particular, Kaduna state, Mr LA said, “we need to draw a line under it and ticular, Kaduna state, Mr LA said, “we need to draw a line under it and use 2019 to get back on track. We have a real opportunity this year to push for unity, rather than the current division, bitterness and mutual distrust,” Suleiman said.

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He said for those who, in 2014, were deceived into supporting a false new future for the state, but are now understandably uncertain and nervous, angry even, PDP is offering a liberating alternative with a new set of realistic promises for something better.

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