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Insecurity And Indecisiveness: The Maddening Race Down The Hill To Self Destruction By Jaye Gaskia

We are indeed living in perilous times, a season of anomie, where life has become truly brief, short and brutish, and where not even the fittest can be sure of survival. This is the condition that best describes our existence in Nigeria at this moment. Violent crimes and irrational insurgencies have taken over the land. We have become a people ...

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Bombing: Defence Headquarters Warn of Boko Haram’s New Trick

Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters said it has discovered Boko Haram’ insurgents’ new strategy in their desperation to cause colossal havoc in parts of the country. According to the military authorities, the terrorists have devised a new method where they dress like mad persons to gain unsuspecting access to public areas to detonate bombs. In a statement, Brigadier General, Rabe Abubakar, the ...

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