Agba Jalingo and the Professor Governor, Ben Ayade

Achike Chude

agba jalingoBy now Professor Ben Ayade, the governor of Cross River state must be fretting and sweating profusely about the Agba Jalingo conundrum.

By now the Professor would be asking himself what he has done by promoting the fortune of his nemesis – a relatively obscure journalist and activist of little consequence to an international brand – a prisoner of conscience with a global appeal.

By now the Professor turned politician would have realized that perhaps it might have been less troublesome and indicting to have left Agba Jalingo alone to his devices. But the governor just could not live down what he considered an insult by such a puny, insignificant ‘boy’ who dared question him about how he ran his ’empire’ in Cross River state.

So the plan was to cut Agba Jalingo to size, to reduce him to a near state of nothingness. But the problem was that Jalingo had committed no crime since he was only exercising his right to free speech All the governor needed to do was to take him to court and prove a case defamation of character and false accusation.

This, the governor failed to do, preferring instead to assault, abuse, and manipulate the law for his personal purpose.

Obviously, he and his fellow governors who now subvert the rule of law seem to have taken a leaf from the federal government and the president. But we all know that this country is bigger than them all. Today they are in control. Tomorrow we will look for them and they will be no more. This is a fact of life.

Unfortunately the good professor and governor of Cross River state is obviously impervious or unaware of this inexorable demand of history. This is why by his action he has elevated Agba Jalingo from a relatively small Nigerian journalist to a global citizen who will now be the toast of the international community to talk about Nigeria and the rule of law.

The man who the governor sought to reduce to nothingness is now bigger than the governor. As the day is day and night is night, Agba Jalingo will eventually be released. Surely the governor is aware of the unfathomable, irreparable and irretrievable damage to himself, his state and the country should Agba Jalingo be killed in prison.

The hunter has indeed become the hunted.

Life is indeed strange.

A deluge of tears for Nigeria!


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