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Days To Poll: LA Still The Man To Beat

By Abdul-Azeez Suleiman In modern politics, web popularity has in many instances in many countries of the world proved truly indicative of the physical world of votes. And generally Kaduna online users are both large in numbers and a more web savvy bunch than others.

Buratai: A Study in Warfare

By David Onmeje The story of the Nigerian Army is such that invokes memories of exploits, especially in the Sub Saharan Africa. In times past, the Nigerian Army won countless laurels in its operations so much to the envy of other nations. At a point,

Buratai As Troops “Man Friday” By David Onmeje

In Nigeria, most leaders often present themselves as the Greek philosopher kings of ancient times. They brandish themselves as all-knowing, and untouchables. They are people who cannot be counseled, and most times elevate themselves in magisterial eminence, cast in the shades of the likes of