Eight Blocks of Nigerian Models Parade

It is no longer news that Nigerian Models Parade (NMP) coming up later this year is one every Nigerian, and indeed African, model should look forward to. This event will be the most impactful event in the history of modeling industry, according to the organisers.

With no iota of doubt, the modeling business is a multi-million dollar potential and Nigeria and Africa as a whole is yet to tap deeply into it.

However, a Nigerian company, Horizontal Initiative Concept Limited, a creative company has said in a statement by its Managing Director, Emmanuel Amuwo that it “is spontaneous in spotting a need and then proffering a solution to it”, adding that “This is what we are poised to do with NMP”.

According the company, “Nigerian models parade will create a turnaround for modeling business in Nigeria, making it more viable with different opportunities both for the country, state and stakeholders.

“Most importantly, in line with the project Themes of Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Nigerian Models Parade will have a great impact on Lagos State tourism and art sector, while creating expansion for modeling business in Lagos State and Africa as a whole. Millions of African models will forever be grateful”, Mr. Amuwo said.

To achieve the objectives of the event and attain desired result, the company has set what it described as “8 Blocks” on which its will be operating.

The statement itemised the blocks as:

Recognition of Models to create a buzz and attract a global audience like never before; making people see the beauty in modeling and the profession as a viable and lucrative career and as a result open up new opportunities to foster growth for all Nigerian models.

Empowerment and Growth to provide a forum for models to acquire new knowledge that would be beneficial to them as entrepreneurs or employees and as such meet their financial needs. To impact positively on improving the living standards of Nigerian models.

Models as Influencers to influence individuals to embrace peace and good morals as a tool for societal reformation and transformation. Using the influence of models to campaign against drug abuse.
Showcasing the abilities of models in influencing.

Showcasing Diversities in Body Types: Showcasing diversities in models’ body types and breaking stereotypes in the modeling industry.

Unity and Peace: Promoting unity and peace amongst African countries and leaders.

Redefine and Boosting the Modeling Business: To reposition, promote, celebrate and redefine the modeling industry in Nigeria. Creating a synergy between brands and models via award appreciation and honorary parade. Strengthening the bond between model managers and models via honorary parade, which will bring about oneness.

Support: Create a platform that can provide succour for models.

Messenger for Love and Values: Charity outreach in order to improve the living standards of the down trodden/less privileged communities.

The company the disclosed that it “shall be having models from six other African countries represented, as we together raise the banner of peace and oneness in Africa.

“While the budget for this historical event is huge, we look forward to partnership and sponsorships to enable us achieve a result that will show the world that Nigeria can be solution to world problems”, Mr. Amuwo said.


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