Era Of Inconsistencies

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There has been a steady but frightful spate of inconsistencies arising from the conflicting pieces of information from this present Nigerian government. At the risk of sounding like a naysayer, it is imperative to see this from the prism of concern. In the  build up to the 2015 general elections, APC, the current ruling party, came up with very many promises. The promises ranged from feeding school children at least once a day, paying unemployed graduates who just finished their NYSC assignment the sum of N19,500 till they get a job, paying N5,000 to the economically vulnerable, etc. These have all been denied by the present minister for information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. It is now clear for all to see that Nigerian government is at variance with its minister of information. One of the most recent is the claim by Lai Mohammed that the Army had defeated Boko Haram, a situation which seemed to have been countered by Boko Haram with the increase in the intensity of their attacks on civilian and military establishments.

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Over the  past few weeks, the National budget has been the issue. In fact the most embarrassing of all national issues happened, with the unexplainable padding of a budget which had been widely hailed by the advocates of the government as the best budget ever. The best budget ever turned out to be the most corrupt budget in a government which claims to have zero tolerance for corruption. This is a gross inconsistency! This is however, not ruling out the fact that corruption may have a different meaning to this government. The minister of health stood and claimed that his budget has been doctored. In a supposedly corruption free government, no one can explain who did the doctoring of the budget. Then another bomb she’ll dropped. The president, in far away Saudi Arabia swore to deal with the perpetrators of the said padding. Can someone explain to me who deserves to be sacked? The president presented the budget himself, he was hailed by his party men at the National Assembly that he presented the best budget ever.

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Now two questions arise, is it that the president did not read the budget before presenting it or he didn’t understand? All these are happening while our minister of information categorically denies any padding in the budget, while his principal says there’s a padding and has promised to deal with those behind it. Is this a government we can trust to do anything meaningful?

This is a call to the president to either get it right or resign as soon as possible because, this has proven beyond doubt that the president is incapable of handling the technicalities of present day government. Buhari should stop playing trial and error with the economy. Over the past nine months, nothing tangible has been achieved by this government. It is doubtful that anything tangible would be done. Lai-Mohammed

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