Lawan, Gbajabiamila: Yoruba Youths Set Agenda for 9th Assembly Leadership

The Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide has congratulated Senator Ahmed Lawan who emerged as the President of the Senate and Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila who was elected the Speaker of the House of Representatives following the inauguration of Nigeria’s 9th National Assembly.

While setting agenda for the new leadership of the upper and lower legislative Assembly, the Yoruba youths urged the lawmakers to “immediately hit the ground running by taken up your constitutional responsibilities to the Nigerian nation first”.

The group noted that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) grip on both the executive and legislative arms of government at the centre now makes it  impossible to pass on blames over lack of “optimum performance and delivery of your political campaign promises to Nigerians.”

The statement signed on behalf of the group by its President, Aremo Oladotun Hassan, Esq. reads:

We salute your courageous spirits and indefatigable tenacity to have survived the huddle and huge trials epilogue that characterized your successful attainments and journey to the 3rd and 5th highest ranking political position in Nigeria.

Our mandates to you is to immediately hit the ground running by taken up your constitutional responsibilities to the Nigerian nation first, followed by your political party: The All Progressives Congress(APC), coincidentally you have the Executive and legislative arms under your political control, which makes it impossible to pass on blames on optimum performance and delivery of your political campaign promises to Nigerians.

The National Assembly has been in the eyes of the storm for many years, with low records of performance to the expectations of the masses, lack of coherence with the executives, self induced allocation over bloated huge financial allowances with low attendance and discredited oversights functions, mismanaged internal brewed crises, nonchalance and comedy show of truancy by undistinguished members of the hallowed tainted red and green chambers respectively.

Nigerians are in deer need of rescuers from the pit of hell and continued perilous shenanigans befallen her hardworking and helpless citizenry, whose daily heart beats is eroded in black days of evil: sporadic killings, gross injustices, armed bandits invasion and mass genocide without a helper, where as non of the culprit arrested nor prosecuted till date, necessitated our aggregate doubts on the terrorism war led by the Federal Government despite the unauthorized and unverified huge sums sunk without any inputs by the National Assembly, hence enough of cowardice, rubber stamp and toothless bull dog National Assembly, precipitating our demands for the following.

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