Senator Kashamu Buruji

OGD CRIMES: Is Silence Indicative of Concurrence? by Senator Buruji Kashamu

Amusingly, weeks after I have notified fellow PDP members of the inherent dangers in electing Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) as the National Chairman of our party; he had cleverly refused and/or been unable to make the ordinarily expected point by point rebuttal. Should this silence be taken as concurrence to the committal of these crimes?

Being a lover of due process and public accountability, explains in part, the reasons for my dislike for a questionable character like OGD with multiple unresolved ongoing criminal cases; to be errorneously elected as Chairman of the PDP.

Added to these is the predictable collateral political liabilities to the party and the consequential electoral damages which those of us who are party members shall unfortunately have to bear in the event of such unfortunate but avoidable ugly occurrence. Indeed, OGD is a cheap opportunist; coming from AD, he exploited democratic fairness of PDP to become governor.

He left upon completion of his tenure in merry-go-round to PPN and Labour party to return to exploit and embezzled the Jonathan campaign funds. Now, sheepishly seeking national chairmanship for self aggrandizement and enrichment.

Normally, a worthy public office holder with integrity should resign from office over allegations of corruption, abuse of office, criminal assault or murder talkless of a person with ongoing investigations and trial over ALL these vices bracing up to be elected into office during the pendency of his trial.

This is uncharitable and absurd, especially in the current case of the national chairmanship of PDP; the Nigerian main opposition political party with bright chances of becoming the party in government very soon.

Should the aspirations and bright future of all of us be jeopardized by the narrow interest of this accused?

I candidly believe that we should not elect in error, anybody with the liability of even the slightest stain of previous public service engagements as national chairman to enable Nigerians take us as ready and serious to takeover and genuinely run the needed progressive government.

Consequently, I wish to restate the crimes as earlier alleged for OGD to diligently respond pointedly as itemized below, viz:

  1. Killing/disappearance in Shagamu of Age Omolemomu

  2. Killing of Chief Arojo from Yewa, Ogun State.

  3. Killing/disappearance of Awoyemi in Ikenne, Ogun State.

  4. The multiple killings of over hundred of OOU students on protest against OGD administration whose corpses were callously dismembered and thrown into the sea.

  5. It is public knowledge that when OGD was Ogun Governor, nobody dares to disagree with him without being assaulted, humiliated, maimed and/or killed unceremoniously by his government-aided cultists and/or killer’s squad.

Most interesting for exemplary mention is the multiple criminal assaults of the current Ogun Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun when OGD was majestically reigning as violence-loving governor without caution and decorum.

A. On Monday July 18th 2005, then Senator Ibikunle Amosun (SIA) while on constituency tour; rammed into Governor Daniel’s convoy. He ordered the security to open sporadic gunshots on the SIA assemblage, killing two of his supporters in cold blood and wounding several people.

B. Upon an invitation by the state police command, Sen. Amosun chose to trek to the Eleweran Police HQ. Only Devine intervention saved Amosun from being killed by known and publicly acknowledged OGD cultists/killer’s squad.

C. On 3rd April 2007, during the governorship debate at the premises of Ogun State Television (OGTV), people commonly known as members of OGD cultists/killer’s squad, armed with guns, daggers, cutlasses, axes, etc disrupted and terminated the event.

The late Dipo Dipo, Sen. Gbenga Kaka and Sen Amosun, all of whom were gubernatorial candidates were present. Only God saved the day. This was done to cover Daniel’s monumental misdeeds that had become major campaign issues. In all these, before leaving office, OGD tried without success to conceal the relevant facts, all to no avail.

  1. The ongoing EFCC trial of OGD for corruption and criminal abuse of office as Ogun state governor is very instructive. It would be interesting to see how the case would end.

Among other visible evidences for instance; is the massively imposing acres of land by the government secretariat on the main expressway into Abeokuta which OGD clandestinely dispossessed the original owners of as governor.

The imposing multi-billion hotel building he erected on that land while a governor is indeed a classical audacity against public sensibility. The Ogun state government has currently taken over the site and positioned securitymen therein.

The above cases of corruption, criminal abuse of office, multiple killings and unlawful assaults, aside of their criminal essence; are veritable indications that OGD lacks public trust, accountability, democratic tolerance and the capacity of humble carriage and modesty in the use of powers of high public office.

This is further reinforced by the multiple cases of forceful take-over, statewide, of innocent citizen’s land for self and commercial uses.

Ridiculously, some of these lands are taken under the pretence of being for public use before being converted into his personal use.

Out of office, OGD would appreciate the cruelty and enormity of his monumental land grabbing abuse of office that he shamelessly employed as governor with what it now cost him to recently purchase the small piece of land for his Shagamu hotel ongoing expansion without official force.

On the ongoing EFCC corruption cases; it would be unwise if not totally foolhardy of us as a political party to extend OGD an undeserved election in anticipation of acquittal which as things are, shall draw into the election year.

It’s indeed unthinkable to flag off our campaigns under a National Chairman encumbered by ongoing corruption and possibly multiple criminal assaults and murder cases on his neck.

The interestingly innovative style of OGD’s corruption is that he is perpetually broke financially, making him irredeemably a continuous extortionist.

As he rakes in money, he pumps straight into property developments; ranging from hotels to houses in proxy’s names.

This is a habitual corruption trait he must have developed as a serving governor when he actually started building of his “CONFERENCE HOTELS” chain and sundry property developments locally and internationally, to cover his tracks.

With his declining lift engineering business, OGD present occupation is political extortion of gullible aspirants, majorly Ogun gubernatorial hopefuls not minding the political party they belong.

He is currently awkwardly combining the mentoring of the conflicting gubernatorial aspirations of PDP’s Ladi Adebutu with APC’s Senator Yayi!!! Isn’t this amazing?

Certainly under Daniel, party tickets shall be by “exploitative bazaars” with choice gubernatorial tickets going for billions of naira.

He is indeed a pathological liar and accomplished extortionist with unimaginable prowess to simultaneously engage in multiple contradictions.

He is a calamity that should not be allowed to befall the PDP. God forbid his election, OGD would unimaginably extort money from our presidential aspirants without even being ever satisfied until he is able to exploit and manipulate the process to become the Vice-President !!!

In my characteristic openness, I’ve also written the letter below directly to Otunba Gbenga Daniel(OGD), to put him on notice of the compelling need to adequately respond to these issues for equitable justice and fairplay; viz:

Dear OGD,
That your egocentric madness of insatiable greed always blindfold you is amusing to me. Otherwise, how can you be telling people that you’re surprised at my disclosure of your criminal atrocities as Ogun governor?

Firstly, I am unhappy that a non-indigene of cloudy ancestral linkage to our state like you, so exploited and devastated our commonwealth as you did. Secondly and more importantly, I abhor injustice and dishonesty.

Characteristically, you should now understand why I detest your style and particularly this undeserved aspiration. And despite the multiple devilish acts you had perpetrated against humanity, you’re unrepentant.

If you’re dreaming of the take-over of the Ogun PDP structure, you better wake-up. The best you can do is to extort and waste the Adebutu family wealth combined with the extortions of some other gullible aspirants which you’re already doing excellently well. Kindly delete your day-dreaming over the PDP national chairmanship.

To imagine that a criminal non-native-you, would be allowed to again use our state for eminent national office is unthinkable given your nauseating rape of our sensibility as governor.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, Mr former governor.
1. Isn’t it true that you orchestrated the cold blood murder of Age Omolemomu, Arojo etc including several OOU students on protest against you?

  1. Didn’t you authorise the criminal assault of Sen Amosun amongst the multiples that disagreed with your majesty the governor?

  2. Didn’t you steal in shear abuse of office the land of Ogun state? These are evident even if your financial impropriety in office has been cleverly laundered into property acquisitions. You greedily stole our land in multiple locations in several fictitious names that you don’t even know their complete locations uptil now!!!

  3. Isn t it dubious in your own reckonIng, to be exploiting aspirants, including from even another party, for self enrichment and to make yourself politically relevant even as you’re a callous miserly tortoise?

It’s commendable that I don’t play the “ostrich game”, as I don’t hide behind a finger like you. I come always open in all my endeavours with cards up!!!

Permit me to refresh your memory of few of the mischievous atrocities committed against me by you unprovoked.

  1. It’s my fundamental right to do politics as a Nigerian and not necessarily to be under you as an appendage. That settled.

Why did you, as Ogun governor, waste enormous resources of state with dedicated Special advisers and assistants searching for a non-existent indictment of me. A particular Ph.D law holder now in the federal house made millions out of these stupid goose chase foolishly created by you!!!

Concurrently, you commissioned unwarranted cyber dissemination of outright falsehood and half-truths in tainted coloration of facts about my case despite the UK judicial vindication of me. Thank God that the truth always prevailed over your false creations.

  1. After your political Israelite journeys to PPN and Labour party, I welcomed you back into the PDP wholeheartedly. Didn’t you start your mischievous ways almost immediately?

  2. You in flagrant disloyalty to our party, the PDP, committed heavy resources to purchase votes for APC’s Dapo Abiodun against me as PDP senatorial candidate.

  3. Not satisfied with the ignominious failure of your treachery at the polls; you worked in concert with my adversaries for a jaundiced judgement at the tribunal which was overturned at the appeal.

  4. During my abduction saga, you commissioned internet boys for cyber falsehood war and character assassination propaganda against me. The rest is now history.

  5. You provided your boys an NGO with which ridiculously, the American embassy was sued to ensure my extradition as if they don’t know what’s right.

  6. You again recently caused a suit to be instituted in Kaduna to stop the last PDP non-elective convention under the pretence that it was at my instance to sabotage my relationship with Makarfi & his caretaker committee. Your folly is that people know that I don’t act from the hiding.

  7. You caused a baseless petition to be written to the PDP-NWC against me,

  8. Shamelessly of the absurd, you accused me of an assassination attempt on you at Abuja when it was public knowledge that you were actually on visit to Ibadan with Sen Makarfi. I’m I a killer like you? Have you ever heard of me romancing cultists as you do? Do I have a killer’s squad as your majesty the governor did?

  9. Infact, I put it for your conscientious recall if indeed you have a conscience; how many times have you planned to kill me, though unsuccessfully, while you were governor???

I’ve enumerated all the above-mentioned mischievous acts of yours towards me to make you aware that I’m not yet personal as none was included in the published catalogue of your criminality. I’m against your national chairmanship aspiration on principles that I’ve earlier enumerated.

All I have said are genuinely the bitter truth about and you indeed know. It’s now on record that I’ve revealed the true OGD and in the unlikely event that you’re errorneously elected, the party shall take responsibility for the architect of her unavoidable misfortune. But that won’t happen, as you won’t be elected in any error.

Senator Buruji Kashamu 31/10/17

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