Oh, My Dino Daniel Melaiye! By Emmanuel Paragon Mbong

APC LogoPDPHow are the mighty fallen, Tell in not in the Confluence State Publish it not on the Kogi West Senatorial District.

Senators Smart Adeyemi and Dino Melaye were once political soul mates in Igunland, in particular and the entire confluence state generally.

They pitched their tents together in the same political party while the going was good and the romance also lasted.

They were both in the national assembly with the umbrella party. Dino was in love with the green chambers then while Smart preferred the colour red. Such was the robust and healthy relationship until the bubbles bursted.

Trouble started brewing when Dino switched camp, against all expectations to wave the broom in 2015 and decided to outsmart his long time ally, Adeyemi and went for his political jugular. Dino was also interested in the plum job which Smart Adeyemi had thought was his birth right.

When the raging battle was over, Dino whose other name is also Daniel decided to tame and send the lion packing from the red chamber’s den.

Dino then became the new lord of the manor while Smart was on his way to political oblivion.

Since then, there has indeed been no love lost between two allies, now turned political arch rivals and goes.

The battle for supremacy between the duo reached anti climax in 2019 when Dino again dusted Adeyemi to clinch the much coveted senatorial seat.

According to Dino, he likened Adeyemi to his political wife, whom he will always take to the cleaners, in an epic contest., anytime he comes out to throw his hat into the ring. It was a pyrich victory for the loquacious lawmaker.

The battle to remain afloat politically was then shifted to both the tribunal and the appelate court.

It is no longer news that the court has ordered for a rerun between these two gladiators to know who will laugh last and best.

The twosome have started talking tough ahead of the yet to be announced date for the encore. Both are confident of overwhelming victory against one another in a duel that will surely shape and redefine the political pendulum of Kogi State.

Dino says that he is gunning for a hatrick against his familiar foe, whom he had earlier trounced two nil.

Adeyemi, on the other hand is banking on his popularity with the people to undo the singing and controversial lawmaker.

He says, the time for Dino to outsmart him, this time around, has gone with the winds as he has been taught bitter sweet political tutorials, in the time past.

The stage is now set for this grand finale and the onus to decide rests squarely on the shoulders of the people of Kogi West Senatorial District.

Will Dino stage another big comeback to the National Assembly, now that he is now a good boy, and has turned over a new leaf?

Will Smart Adeyemi, with the full backing of the powers that be in Abuja and Lokoja, at his disposal, flounders again this time around?

Who carts home the much coveted position when the chips are finally down?

Only time will definitely tell.

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