Prophet Omoto Fufeyin Restores Man’s ‘Dead’ Manhood


Pic below: Pophet Omoto Fufeyi, preaching to the congregation before the miraculous healing

Above: the healed man, Muabu, revealing his restored manhood


The God of Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, General Overseer, Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry (C.M.D.M), Warri, Delta State, has done it again, as he restored one Mr. Chris Muabu’s manhood which has been weak for several days.

The healed man, Muabu (formally known as Abdulaziz) born into Muslim but converted to Christian, according to a release issued and mailed to this medium by Theresa Moses, Prophet Omoto Fufeyin’s publicist, had erection dysfunction for over three weeks, urinate blood, visited several hospitals was even booked for operation yet to no avail. But the moment he had an encounter with the God of Owomowomo 1, as his ‘pain turn gain’.

The man, according to Moses, in the release dated April 19, States that after his healing, was financially empowered with over N900,000 to support his barbing business by Prophet Omoto Fufeyin, who is also the founder, Mercy Television, in his philanthropy gesture.

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