Prophet Omoto Fufeyin’s Foundation Gives Cars, Scholarship Worth N45m To Workers, Others

Prophet Omoto Fufeyin (in shirt with inscription ‘God save the play’) being surrounded with the beneficiaries of his foundation’s gesture 

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin through his foundation, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Foundation (JOFF) recently gave out four cars, scholarship and cash worth N45 million on loyal workers of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry (C.M.D.M), Warri, Delta State, popularly called Mercy City alias ‘The Arena of Solution and Power’ alongside some members who sacrifice the little they have for the work of God and a former sex worker.

        Prophet Omoto Fufeyin, in a service tagged ‘the father’s blessing’, according to Theresa Moses, the church’s publicist,  had announced that members should come to church with a sacrifice to receive from God. Just as the man of God explains, sacrifice breaks protocol; the father’s blessings need an action to cause a reaction. In obedience it was practically seen in the service that brothers and sisters who brought their sacrifice received their blessings from God through his servants the prophet. While some gave out of their abundance, others gave their all and their widow’s might.

While the service was on, an empty wallet was found amongst the seeds given and the owner, Mr. Jacob Okuna said he wants God to bless him in response, Prophet Omoto Fufeyin blessed him with the sun of N500, 000. As that was going on, a wine argots sowed as seed was found and the Man of God again asked the sower, Mrs. Regina Odjugo to come out as she came, we discovered another interesting seed. The wine is for God to remember her family and the man of God blessed her with the sun of N500, 000.

Furthermore, Joy Godwin who sowed some wrappers during the service, came out to tell the congregation why she brought them as her seed. Her reasons she said ‘we don’t last in her family, the clothes was to sow a seed of family longevity”. She wants to be old as the prophet’s mother.

           Prior before the Sunday service, the tireless General of God located one Sister Joy Aiwanusubhor, a former sex worker, at the mountains of solution.
         During the father’s blessing service,  Joy was blessed by the Prophet with the sum of N500, 000, to set up a hair style business through his foundation as well. The former sex worker rededicates her life to God and accepted Jesus as her Lord and personal Saviour.
         Out of the massive crowd that were at the event, a secondary school student from Federal Government College, Ikot Ekpene (dressed in her school uniform), Divine Sunday Dick, beat all ushers and protocol; ran to the alter crying and shouting to get the attention of the Man of God to help her education. Indeed her cry was heard and Prophet Omoto Fufeyin gave her scholarship to University level and the sum of N247, 000, as payment of her school fees, third term up-front, out of which a N00, 000, was for her school bag, uniform, stationeries etc. According to the founder of Mercy Television, one of the reasons JOFF was set up was to fight against illiteracy (War against Illiteracy).
          Another beneficiary of the service was Lilian Duru Chukwu (CMDM worker – Usher/Pool attendant who received N500, 000 from the prophet for her dedication and sincerity to the work of God. While  Elder Paul Fufeyin, Chairman, CMDM Development Committee, received a Toyota Venza with a N00,000, for registration of vehicle.
            Also pastor Gamaliel Eghagha and Gideon Oro Oguma, Protocols/personal assistant to the Man of God, got a Toyota Camry with a N100, 000, each for registration of vehicles. Whe Nesiama Block, HOD CMDM Block Industry also received Toyota Corolla with a N100,000 for registration of the vehicle from the Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Foundation (JOFF).

               For all this happened that the scripture maybe fulfilled. The father’s blessings relate things to God and it came after an action from the children of God. No one works for God without receiving a blessing.

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