RUGA: Arewa Group Attacks Ohanaeze President-General

The Arewa Defenders Forum (ADF) has cautioned Chief John Nnia Nwodo, President General Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide to be mindful of his religious
propaganda against the Buhari Presidency and Northern youths.

The group declared that Nwodo is a forgotten, frustrated politician desperate for recognition in the media by hiding behind his hatrad against the North through open, vicious attack on the Ruga policy and “insulting the North as a people”.

Rising from an emergency meeting of the group in Kaduna, the ADF expressed
disappointment over the Ohanaeze leader’s claims of “Islamization and
Fulanization” of the country because of a Ruga proposal designed to bring an
end to suspicious killings using the name of Fulanis and their Northern identity
for political convenience.

“Let someone tell Nwodo that it was the same Fulani he so hated that once picked him up as a nonentity, full of envy for the region and made him Minister. This is a clear indication that Nwodo is an ingrate and a willing tool in a calculated agenda of destroying the North, riding on religious and ethnic

The group said Nwodo has only succeeded in exposing himself as one of those Southeast elites “who have lost touch with reality; who do not want an end to the massive killing of Northerners by people masquerading as herdsmen, in an ochestrated agenda to kill agriculture, threaten Food Security of the region, its
safety and generally run down the Northern economy.

“We support the Coalition of Northern Youth Groups’ stand on the need to
have the Ruga settlements in order to reduce the mobility of cattle breeders, so
that the terrorists sponsored to destabilize the North would finally be exposed for who they really are”, the group said. The group also took exception to the call by the Ohanaeze leader, that all Igbos should “be ready to defend themselves”, adding that “by this the Ohanaeze leader has made a call for resort to arms”.

It urged the Federal Government to
“keep an eye on all those Southern elites opposed to ending the killings in the
North and investigate if they have no links to circulation of the arms used in
killings and razing of villages”.

Turning to another former Minister and virulent critic of the Ruga policy, the
ADF said “we were not surprised by Fanikayode’s unguarded utterances
because it has always been his stand on issues to do with Northern interest.

“Virtually every Federal Government policy capable of stabilizing the North or
promoting justice, fairness and national unity becomes the butt of Fanikayode’s
vitriolic media attacks. It was therefore not surprising to us that the coalition of
Northern Groups (CNG) has become his new target of media bashing”.

The group also argued thus: “Coming from the only part of Nigeria that has so
far enjoyed more than enough economic and political patronage, with our son, President Buhari in charge of the reigns of power, it is infact shameful, and
veiled hypocrisy that Fanikayode would openly insult the North, which gave
them unlimited access to opportunities as a strategy for promoting national
unity and stability,” the group noted.

“Truth is that the CNG campaign for rescuing the North was directed at the
Federal Government and not some confused Ohanaeze leader or a see-nothing- good-in-North Fanikayode” the ADF declared in the statement.

“Finally, we’re now giving a final warning to the Ohanaeze leader and his collaborators, notably Fanikayode, to end their politically-motivated, senseless
campaigns and allow the Federal Government proceed with its agenda for
peace through the proposed Ruga policy. We dare say that this is one beautiful
policy that has thus far got the total support of prominent Nigerians, including groups of elder statesmen like the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) and Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and scores of civil society groups from the South,” the ADF pointed out. The group warned that unless something was done about persons or groups opposed to ending the killings in the North, “it presupposes that there are hidden interests that are against a viable solution to the region’s multiple security and other challenges and this could all be deliberately planned dangerous schemes by a section of our elites who might have drafted Nwodos and Fanikayodes and inconsequential opportunists like Shehu Sanis of this
world as their foot-soldiers.

“While we warn these three serial attackers of both Northern and national interests, we urge the Federal Government to bring back that proposal to the table, because it is a window of opportunity for job creation, food security and ending the mysterious killings in the North, for which the media is being willy- nilly used, in order to portray or openly tie the Fulani and their cows together as the major threat to national security. This is pedantic, pedestrian and totally unacceptable.”

Nuruddeen Alkasim
National President

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