South Africans Vote as ANC Faces Tough Challenge in 25 Years

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South African citizens on Wednesday began voting in the first national elections since the resignation of Jacob Zuma in 2018. The ruling party, African National Congress (ANC) may be facing a tough challenge amid corruption allegations against the party, with issues bothering on faltering economy and land reform dominating discussions.

The poll is the sixth democratic national election since apartheid ended 25 years ago that saw black people taking part in elections.

ANC has a new leader in Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa who is looking to retain the control that the party has held over the legislature since the election of Nelson Mandela a quarter of a century ago.

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This seems to be the toughest challenge for the ruling ANC since end of apartheid 25 years ago. Hence, Mr. Ramaphosa and his party faces an electorate increasingly disillusioned with the state of South Africa’s democracy.

The vote is partly a referendum on Mr. Ramaphosa, whose personal popularity has consistently polled higher than his party’s.

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