Stop Castigating Jonathan, We’re Not Afraid Of Probe, Ex-Ministers Tell Buhari

Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s ministers have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to stop unwarranted attacks on the former president.

They have also asked Buhari to show respect to Jonathan in his actions and utterances as a former president of Nigeria, who paved the way for his emergence.

While defending their performance in office, told Buhari that they did well and were not corrupt.

The ministers spoke in a joint statement issued in Abuja on Sunday, said “we are constrained to speak up in defence of the legacy of the Jonathan administration,
and shall do so again, for as long as
those who are determined to rubbish that legacy, are unrelenting in their usual deployment of blackmail, persecution, and similar tactics.”

The statement signed by Dr. Abubakar Suleiman, former Minister of National Planning, noted that “contrary to what the APC and its agents would rather have the public believe, the Jonathan administration did not encourage corruption, rather it fought corruption vigorously, within the context of the rule of law and due process.”

Outlining some of the anti-corruption successes of the Jonathan administration, they said to Jonathan stopped billions of naira stolen under the subsidised government fertiliser scheme, the development of the Government Integrated Financial Management Platform, The Single Treasury Account (TSA), and the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Management Systems (IPPIS).

The ex-ministers said they were not afraid of being probed by the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, which has continued to make promises, nearly 100 days in office, on ensuring that all monies stolen from public purse in the ministers were returned and persons found guilty brought to book.

However, the former ministers said, “We encourage President Buhari to continue with the probes, but this must be in strict accordance with his oath of office to treat all Nigerians equally and with the fear of God,” the former ministers said.



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